10W Optical Power Laser Module with Air Assistance

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  • POWERFUL 10W LASER MODULE - LASER TREE laser module has real 10W output laser power. Double compressed light spots can achieve finer laser engraving 0.08*0.08mm.
  • 40mm focal length - With the laser module at 40mm focal length, it can cut 10mm thick plywood and 5mm thick dark acrylic in one pass
  • Air assist - 8mm diameter air metal nozzle, connected to the air pump, better cutting, making the cutting edge cleaner and faster cutting efficiency.
  • Protective Acrylic Cover - To avoid eye damage, the light-shielding acrylic protective cover can be adjusted to different angles by screws on both sides.
  • Easy to use - 3Pin laser interface, the fan will turn and the blue power indicator light will be on after power on. Need access to 24V voltage power supply.
  • Easy to install - Remove the 300W spindle of CNC 3020Evo, then adjust the Z axis to the highest position, then put the laser head into the spindle fixture from bottom to top, adjust the proper height, and then fix it with thumb screws.