All-Metal Y-axis Extension Base Kit with Dual Linear Guides, 300 * 400mm Working Area and 300mm Travel

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  • 3040 Y axis extension base table for CNC Machine 3020Evo
  • The extension base expands the y-axis of 3020Evo, and increases the Y-axis travel to 300mm/11.81". You can get a larger operating space and engraving area.
  • The extension base is equipped with a 300*400*8mm aluminum plate, in which 6*8 M5 screw holes are neatly distributed, and the distance between the screw holes is 45mm. The surface of the anodized aluminum plate has better gloss and wear resistance. (Due to the transportation process, each position of the aluminum plate table is not absolutely horizontal)
  • The Y-axis dual linear guide rails of the extension base, combined with the 3020Evo original X&Z-axis dual linear guide rails, have completely improved the accuracy of each axis of the machine. The entire extended base weighs 19lb, which greatly improves the stability of the machine, makes it easier to engrave various materials, and reduces the repeatability of operations
  • The extension base is pre-installed as a whole and can be used immediately upon receipt. You only need to replace the Y-axis stepper motor and the gantry part of the 3020Evo and connect the pre-arranged limit switch wires on the base.
  • Make yours cost-effective and save money by using your current CNC Machine with a base upgrade. You don't need to invest more time and money in complicated assembly, and you can get a more stable and efficient machine with a larger size.